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Start Date: 
September 30, 2013
End Date: 
November 4, 2013

Fabulous memoir finds for October.

EPub ISBN Display Title Author Book ISBN Promo Price
9780062191397 Amy, My Daughter  Winehouse, Mitch   $1.99
9780061957635 Hef's Little Black Book  Hefner, Hugh M.   $1.99
9780062042507 Al Jaffee's Mad Life Weisman, Mary-Lou 9780061864490 $1.99
9780062079268 An Accidental Sportswriter Lipsyte, Robert 9780061769146 $1.99
9780061956553 Balancing Heaven and Earth Johnson, Robert A. 9780062515063 $2.99
9780062000101 Confessions of a Prairie Bitch Arngrim, Alison 9780061962158 $1.99
9780061999437 Critical Care Brown, Theresa 9780061791543 $2.99
9780062096784 Dust to Dust Busch, Benjamin 9780062014856 $1.99
9780062098740 Girl Who Fell to Earth, The Al-Maria, Sophia 9780061999758 $1.99
9780061885075 In the Sanctuary of Outcasts White, Neil 9780061351631 $2.99
9780061827501 Man in the White Sharkskin Suit, The Lagnado, Lucette 9780060822187 $2.99
9780062099396 On My Knees Aschenbrand, Periel 9780062026897 $1.99


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