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The Quick Note field provides Store and Order administrators a field in which notes may be added to an order and displayed on the Order Administration page (Store > Orders).
A couple of  scenarios where other IndieCommerce stores have used this field:

  1. If it is a pre-order, indicate the date a pre-order is expected
  2. If the store has multiple locations, which store location is responsible for filling the order
  3. If a third party is expected to pick up the order,  information about that

It makes it easy for order processing staff to view these notes without opening each order


Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Orders > Manage Fields

  1. Add New Field

    1. Label - this is the name of your field. Example: Quick Notes
    2. Field type - set this to ‘Text’
    3. Widget - should automatically be set to ‘Text field’
  2. Confirm the maximum length of characters. Example: 255
  3. Save settings
  4. Confirm Maximum number of values is set to 1
  5. Save Settings

When you view an order in ‘edit’ mode you should now see a field called ‘Quick Notes’ where you can add notes regarding the order. This field can be modified until the order status becomes ‘Payment Received’.


Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Orders > Manage Display

  1. Expand ‘Custom Display Settings’
  2. Select ‘Admin view’ and ‘Customer View’
  3. Save
  4. Select the ‘Customer view’ tab
  5. Set the ‘format’ for the Quick Notes field to Hidden
  6. Save

This field is now hidden in the view the customer uses.


Navigate to: Structure > Views > uc_orders (Orders)

  1. Under ‘Fields’ select ‘Add’
  2. Search for ‘Quick Note’’ and select ‘Order: Quick Notes’’
  3. Apply (this display)
  4. On the configuration screen, you may change the label for this column (optional)
  5. Apply (this display)
  6. Save

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