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Many stores have questions about why an order did or did not go to Ingram (the wholesaler), and why the 'Send to Ingram' button does not appear for certain orders.

Listed below are the conditions for when the ‘Send to Wholesaler’ button will not appear and what conditions will cause an order to not be sent automatically to the wholesaler, when that preference is enabled.


By default, orders are NOT sent to the wholesaler for fulfillment automatically. Instead, all orders will first come to the store order queue for review. If the system determines that an order meet the conditions to be filled through the wholesaler, a large, gray button will appear at the top of the order that says, “Send to Wholesaler”. If you click the button, the order will be sent to the wholesaler to be filled, and the store will no longer have any control over that order. The 'Send to Wholesaler' button will not be available if any one of the following conditions are present:

  1. ABA has disabled wholesaler fulfillment. This is a master control to disable wholesaler fulfillment for all stores if there is a need. In the past 5 years, we have had to use it only one time when our credit card processor was down.
  2. Payment method is not 'Credit Card’.
  3. The order has an international shipping address.
  4. Order shipping method is NOT one of the following:

    • Media Mail
    • Discounted Ground
    • UPS Ground Shipping
    • UPS Overnight Shipping
    • UPS 2-Day Shipping
    • USPS Priority Mail
    • FedEx Ground
  5. The order is for 'Store pickup’.
  6. The order has any store-created products, gift cards or gift certificates.
  7. The order has any Ingram-T products (Calendars, Maps, blank books, and other book-like sideline items)
  8. One warehouse does not have all books in the order. (One order cannot be split among the 4 warehouses.)
  9. After editing the order, if the order amount is greater than the original authorized amount on the credit card.
  10. If an order has a P.O. Box address and the shipping method ISN'T USPS Priority Mail or Media Mail
  11. If the order was already sent to Ingram already and they sent it back because they are unable to fulfill it.
  12. If the Ship-to address is an Armed Forces address and the shipping method is not USPS Priority.
  13. If the order is more than 21 days old.
  14. If the order contains one preorder product and the site is on IndieLite.  (IndieCommerce stores can send orders with a single preorder product to Ingram.)
  15. If the order contains more than one preorder product.
  16. If the order contains a mix of preorders and regular products.

NOTE: Sometimes store admins will see the button one day, but not the next day. This is because every time the store admin goes to the order page our application will check if all the items in the order are available at one Ingram warehouse. That is a variable we have no control over.

Learn more about filling specific types of orders by reviewing ‘Fulfilling Orders’.

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