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Wish lists are a helpful IndieCommerce and IndieLite tool for stores and customers!  They can be used to keep track of personal reading lists, holiday wish lists, as well as book fairs or donation book drives.  Enabling wish lists not only adds an ‘Add to Wish List’ button on product and search result pages but also provides a litinity of settings and features for the store administrators and customers to use.  All features and details for Wish Lists/Gift Registries can be found in our Help Documentation as well.


For Both Store and Customer Administration:

Bulk Upload of wish list Items (IndieCommerce Only): Wish list owners and Store Admins can upload ISBNs/SKUs in bulk.

For Store Administration:

  1. View all Wish Lists at Store > Customers > Wish Lists.  Here, you can view the username and title of wish lists, whether they are private or expired, as well as export wish lists.
  2. Wish list Report (IndieCommerce Only): check what items from a wish list were ordered, who ordered, and other information.  Available at Store > Reports > Wish list report
  3. Update wish list Based on In-Store Purchases: Update wish lists and enter items purchased at the store.
  4. Limit Payment Method (IndieCommerce Only): Force customers to choose a specific payment method, if they purchase any items from a given wish list.
  5. Limit Product Classes (IndieCommerce Only): Remove the ‘Add to Wish List’ button for specific product classes; helpful for products such as donations, event tickets, etc.
  6. Customize Checkout for Wish List Items Using Rules (IndieCommerce Only): Control shipping options, payment methods, coupon discounts, and other options using rules.  Scenarios are available here; we recommend reviewing ‘Rules’ if you are unfamiliar with them before working with this feature.

For Customer Administration:

  1. Settings: Edit the Title, Name, Expiration Date, Hide Expiration Date, Mark as Private, Mark as Non-Shippable (IndieCommerce Only), and add Notes.
  2. Multiple Wish Lists (IndieCommerce Only): allows customers to have multiple wish lists on their account.  Very helpful for regular customers who want to maintain their personal reading list and have a holiday wish list to share with friends and family.
  3. Modify and Update List: Adjust the ‘Wanted’ quantity or remove items entirely.
  4. Download: Wish lists can be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet.
  5. Email: Wish lists can be emailed to up to 10 recipients at a time.  Customers are also able to compose a custom message to send out to recipients.


In addition to the above, we’ve added new features for Wish Lists for IndieCommerce and IndieLite sites for the upcoming 2020 Holiday Season.  This is a brief overview of the tools that are now available for stores and their customers to use and maximize wish list utility on the IndieCommerce platform.


For Stores:

  1. Wish List Search Results Page now has a pager, making it easier to search customer wish lists.
  2. Creating a Wish List on Behalf of a Customer (IndieCommerce Only): Store admins can now create a wish list on behalf of a customer.
  3. Filter Options (IndieCommerce Only): Store Admins have filter options when searching for wish lists.  Available filters include: Username, Email address, Wish List Title, and privacy and shipping settings.

For Customers:

  1. Wish List Expiry Notification: IndieCommerce and IndieLite stores now have a setting to send an alert to customers that their wish list is close to its expiration date.  This is set to ‘Never’ by default, with options for 7 days or 14 day warnings before the expiration date.
  2. Delete wish list (IndieCommerce Only): When using multiple wish lists, customers have the option to delete a wish list they no longer want or need.  This feature is to be used with caution, as deleting a wish list is irreversible.
  3. Mailing and Delivery Address (IndieCommerce Only): Customers are now able to add a mailing address to their wish list and set this as the default delivery address for orders placed from that wish list.

And as always, full details can be found in our Wish Lists/Gift Registries documentation.

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