Must Have IndieLite Features for the Holidays

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The features highlighted below are excellent additions to your IndieCommerce website, especially for the upcoming holidays! Our team has compiled the exciting list below to help stores maximize their productivity and efficiency while also offering new ways to display content and interact with customers. Please visit the corresponding help documents to learn more about each of these features!



  • This feature allows the store to create online coupons that can be used for all products on the website, excluding eBooks and Audio Books. Coupons also come with optional restrictions the store can use to offer specific discounts on individual titles or within specific date ranges.

Not For Sale

  • When a book is available on the website from Ingram, but the store chooses not to sell that title for any reason, this feature can help! Allows Store Admins to upload a list of ISBNs that are not available for sale on the site, which will make those titles unavailabe for purchase on the website.

Store Preferences

  • By customizing your Store Preferences, you have the option not to sell books marked as Special Order (books not on-hand at Ingram), Short Discount, or NET discount. With fine tuned store preferences it will make it easy for your store to manage online orders.


Checkout and Order Processing

Financial Reports

  • Several new financial reports have been added to the website to help stores gain a daily insight into their online sales! These reports can help display the daily reconciliations, credit card charges, and sales using other payment methods, giving an accurate day-by-day display of online sales.

Pick List

  • A downloadable list of ordered products to help stores speed up the order fulfillment process. This list will include details of the ordered products.

Preferred / Chosen Name

  • The preferred name field is used for customers’ whose chosen names do not match their legal names. For stores with a large transgender customer base -- or a base of customers with other preferred names -- this field can help.

Shipping Solutions

  • Using any one of our shipping integrations, stores can export the delivery addresses for online orders into their preferred shipping solutions such as, PirateShip, or ShipEasy! This will allow you to import addresses for orders into your shipping software where you can then create shipping labels in bulk.

Store Gift Card Checkout Pane

  • This is a custom checkout pane that can be used on the checkout page for customers to enter their gift card number (instead of entering it in the order comments)



  • Creates a Gift Card product on the site, making it easy for stores to sell gift cards. A good option for creating store gift cards

Wish List / Gift Registries

  • Provides users with the ability to create and manage wish lists on your website.
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