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As preorders are becoming an increasingly important way in which books are sold and marketed through stores, we’ve compiled a list of the Preorder features we offer.


The Preorder Badge can be enabled to display automatically for ALL books with a future publication date.

To enable this on your site navigate to: Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Configure Book Settings and enable the 'Always show preorder badge?' setting.
To enable this on your site navigate to: Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences and enable the 'Always show preorder badge?' setting.

PREORDER BADGE (IndieCommerce members only)

If you do not want to add the Preorder Badge to all books with future publication dates, and would like to limit it to only certain titles that you promote, you can do so. You can add a Preorder badge to titles coming soon, similar to the Staff Picks badge that is displayed when you add a review to a title. You can also upload your own badge to replace the default badge.

Add the preorder badge for a particular book
Navigate to the book product page (or use the search feature to navigate to the book product page)

  1. Once on the book product page, select the ‘Staff Review & Preorder’ tab
  2. Select ‘Create A Review’
  3. Confirm the ‘Is Preorder’ checkbox is enabled
  4. Submit

You should now see a Preorder badge on the upper left corner of the book cover image


  • The preorder badge can be added only for ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Not Yet Published titles
  • The preorder badge will disappear automatically when the book goes on sale
  • If a book is flagged as a preorder and staff pick, the preorder badge will appear until the book goes on sale.
  • Once the book goes on sale, the ‘Staff Pick’ badge will appear if it is enabled; otherwise no badges will appear
  • Preorder badges will only appear on a format that is flagged, meaning that the paperback version of a hardcover book will not be flagged automatically
  • If you want to remove the badge manually, edit the existing entry
  • This feature cannot be added via a booklist
  • You can upload a custom preorder badge to replace the default badge through Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Configure Book Settings


  • Using a Responsive Book List Grid or jCarousel (IndieCommerce Members Only) you can create a list of books and display their covers on the front page (or any page) of your site.
  • Select Preorders can also be displayed in a list by curating a Booklist


Whether to charge a customer for a preorder as soon as the order is placed or wait till the book is ready for pickup/shipping is a business decision made by the store. Please note that customer’s credit card authorizations will expire within 4 weeks and stores may have to contact the customers for payment if the order is not processed within 4 weeks. Our recommendation is to mark these orders as “Payment Received” as soon as the order is received. This will charge the customer’s credit card and store will have the option to refund the customer if necessary.

On IndieCommerce, if a customer opted to have their credit card profile saved, stores have the option to reauthorize the customer’s credit card.

On IndieLite, customer credit card profiles are not saved and it is not possible to reauthorize the customer’s credit card.

The main page for orders is found by navigating to: Store > Orders > View Orders

CUSTOM ORDER STATUSES (IndieCommerce Members Only)

A popular solution to keep your preorders organized and easy to access is ‘custom order statuses’. You can create custom order statuses (of ‘pending’ or ‘payment received’ states)  for preorders. When it is time to fulfill these orders, reports can be generated based on these custom order statuses. This will also help to keep these pre orders from your regular order queue.


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