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  • At the Edge of the Woods, Kathryn Bromwich
    Two Dollar Radio, 9781953387318, June 6, 2023 (Fiction)

    “Earthy, sensuous, and feminist. Through extraordinary nature writing, Bromwich addresses fertility, culture, class, illness, and community. Tense and witchy, this is a story of one woman who lives on her own terms. Glorious.”

    —Beth Shapiro, Skylark Bookshop, Columbia, MO

    “Never have I ever come across a book that’s truly as satisfying to read as this little book about a woman living in obscurity set on the outskirts of the Italian Alps. It’s intriguing, mysterious, and contemplative. Not to mention that Bromwich’s prose is unbelievably visceral. You will be hard pressed to find a book that satisfies like this.”

    —Thu Doan, East Bay Booksellers, Oakland, CA

    “Intense and hazy, At the Edge of the Woods is a feverishly captivating combination of nature writing and character study. As Laura becomes increasingly connected to the woods around her, the reader can't help but to be drawn into her orbit, to see things the way that she does.”

    —Mallory Melton, BookPeople, Austin, TX


    “An engrossing tale that exposes how easily solitude can become isolation and the dangers therein, how the things we need can often be our ruin. A kissing cousin of Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing, Bromwich’s debut is confident, atmospheric, and mesmerizing.”

    —Wesley Minter, Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, WA


    At the Edge of the Woods is a haunting debut, full of the wonder of nature, the confidence to choose one’s path, and the uncertainty of what comes next. Bromwich builds the tension perfectly in this story, and you’ll find yourself enchanted by Laura’s journey of self-reflection against the rugged beauty of the Swiss Alps.”

    —Beth Seufer Buss, Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC


    “Laura secrets away in a spare remote cabin in an attempt to create a life of her own choosing and free herself of societal expectations. She finds comfort in nature, spending hours each day hiking farther and farther through field and forest.  An exploration of how a woman disappears — figuratively and literally — after escaping an abusive, untenable situation.”

    —Alana Haley, Schuler’s Books, Grand Rapids, MI

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