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  • Cemetery Boys, Aiden Thomas
    Swoon Reads, 9781250250469, September 1, 2020 (Young Adult)

    Cemetery Boys is a ghost story, a mystery, and a swoon-worthy romance all at once, and I have fallen in love with it! The representation of transness feels genuine and respectful, and the portrayal of Latinx culture was beautifully done.”

    Mariana Calderon, Second Star to the Right Children’s Books (Denver, CO)

    “Family traditions and values have their place and purpose, but generational rules have kept Yadriel’s true identity hidden. To finally free himself, Yadriel must pass the ritual tests to become a brujo and liberate the ghost of his murdered cousin. When the ghost of Julian Diaz, a dangerous rebel on his own path, is conjured instead, what will go wrong? Will Yadriel’s dream to become a brujo come true? What can Yadriel do to help his cousin? What role does Julian Diaz play in Yadriel’s fate? Find out in Cemetery Boys!”

    Drew Durham, Books Inc. Palo Alto (Palo Alto, CA)

    “This is the book I needed right now. All Yadriel wants is to be accepted by his family as the boy he knows he is and prove he is a real brujo. When Yadriel’s best friend, Maritza, helps him complete his brujo ritual by attempting to conjure the ghost of his missing cousin, Yadriel accidentally summons the ghost of Julian, a local bad boy who doesn’t realize he’s dead. Yadriel and Maritza try to get Julian to move on, but Julian refuses to go quietly. As the trio journeys across the neighborhood to find out how Julian died, they discover more youth are missing from the streets. As danger and Día de los Muertos get closer, Yadriel finds himself in a magical fight for his and Julian’s lives. But that’s nothing compared to all the feelings Yadriel is battling for Julian — and vice versa.”

    Lauren Nopenz Fairley, Curious Iguana (Frederick, MD)

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