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Middle Grade

  • Emmy in the Key of Code, Aimee Lucido
    Versify, 9780358040828, September 24, 2019 (Middle Grade)

    “Resonant verse melds together the world of music and the world of code — two worlds that Emmy is unsure can coexist as she navigates through the ups and downs of starting a new school, finding her passions, and making true friends. This book brought me right back to the emotions of my middle-school years and I’m sure that in the right hands, it will mean the world to someone.”

    -Casey Leidig, Green Apple Books on the Park, San Francisco, CA

    “Emmy is on the move to a new city and a new understanding of herself. As she develops new skills, she realizes she has more talent (and friends) than she thought. Her discoveries prompt us to wonder what creativity we might find in ourselves.”

    -Raissa Larson, King’s Books, Tacoma, WA


    “In crisp clean verse /

    Aimee Lucido decodes Emmy’s world /

    Her love of music, but lack of voice /

    Her dad’s constant dissonant piano playing and her mom’s new quiet /

    Emmy finds that coding strikes a chord /

    For her, the language comes as easy as humming /

    A computer that listens /

    Abigail, her secret friend, struggles to be true to herself /

    Emmy’s found a way to belong /

    But then, the key to it all may be broken

    Code, music, poetry /

    An unforgettable story in three-part harmony”

    --Jen Kraar, City of Asylum Bookstore, Pittsburgh, PA

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