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  • Escape Artist: A Memoir of A Visionary Artist on Death Row, William A. Noguera
    Seven Stories Press, 9781609807979, January 9, 2018 (Non-Fiction)

    “Escape Artist is a gripping, sad, inspirational, and amazing story of being on death row in America’s worst prison and, more interestingly, the emotional journey that got Mr. Noguera into prison and how he evolved into a world-class artist and rehabilitated human being.”

    Chris Morrow, Northshire Bookstore (Manchester Center, VT)

    “William Noguera’s road from ‘the world’ to San Quentin prison was a hard one. Even harder was life in the confines of the prison for 34 years, on death row, awaiting his end. But that life brought him to a realization about the value of life and he turned to art to express his new-found ideas, insights, and feelings. An award-winning artist and speaker—and now an author as well—he wants to share the story of his move from roid-rage, caused by his use of steroids, to a new life—found where he expected his physical life to end. This is an insightful, encouraging autobiography that explains much and asks some hard questions about our system of justice and what it means to be a criminal.”

    Linda Bond, Auntie’s Bookstore (Spokane, WA)

    “This memoir is rich with sincere storytelling. It is inspiring to know that even in a harsh and unforgiving place like prison, it is possible for someone to produce such a creative expression. Noguera’s art goes beyond the physical bars to express themes that represent his experiences and ideas. Readers will find that Noguera is not only an award-winning visual artist, but he is also a model of compassion and generosity.”

    Alyson Turner, Source Booksellers (Detroit, MI)

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