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  • How to Hang a Witch, Adriana Mather
    Knopf (BYR)/Random House Children's Books, 9780553539479, July 26, 2016 (Young Adult)

    “When Samantha Mather, descended from a villain of the Salem witch trials, is forced to move to Salem, her presence sets off a chain of events that could destroy the town. I thoroughly enjoyed this modern-day take on the trials and loved the directions in which Adriana Mather took the story, as well as the historical details she used to frame it. I definitely recommend this.”

    Flannery Fitch, Bookshop Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA)

    “Samantha Mather has recently gone to live in Salem, Massachusetts, with her stepmother, Vivian. Her father is currently in an unexplained coma and has been moved to a hospital in Boston. The Mather name is not one loved by everyone in Salem, as Cotton Mather was very instrumental in the witch trials in the late 1600s. Sam and Vivian move into Sam’s grandmother’s old house, one with secret hideaways and a spirit who initially wants them out of what was once his house. Sam’s life at school is difficult because of the Descendants, who blame Sam for the various deaths that are happening. Jaxon, Sam’s next-door neighbor, and his mother, Mrs. Merriweather, are her only friends.” 

    Kathy Taber, Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore (Indianapolis, IN)

    “Samantha Mather has always felt like she was cursed. When Sam is forced to move into her grandmother’s old house in Salem with her stepmother, she discovers that that might not be so far from the truth. In Salem she meets the Descendants, a group of girls whose ancestors were hung during the Witch Trials, and Sam just happens to be the descendant of Cotton Mather, one of the men responsible for their deaths. You will want to join Sam on this sinister ride as she tries to save those she cares about and find peace — and friends — for the first time. This book really stands out as unique in the realm of teen fiction.”

    Lisa Nehs, Books & Company (Oconomowoc, WI)

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