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Middle Grade

  • Jude Saves the World, Ronnie Riley
    Scholastic Press, 9781338855876, April 18, 2023 (Middle Grade)

    “Filled with courage and positivity, Jude is middle grade’s next Pride icon. I will be thinking about this story for years to come. Young readers and adults alike will find this book to be a fantastic resource in understanding queer and gender identities!”

    - Kaliisha Cole, Whitelam Books, Reading, MA


    “This is a beautiful book with amazing, brave characters who fiercely guard friendship as a safe space filled with unconditional love — and set about to make the world that way. Jude Saves the World cracked my heart open and poured joy right in.”

    - Justin Colussy-Estes, Little Shop of Stories, Decatur, GA



    “Despite its difficult moments, Jude Saves the World is pure joy, full of love and support in the face of a parent’s well-intentioned but misguided protection and the ups and downs of friendship. Ronnie Riley navigates Jude’s identity and various levels of being openly out with care and skill, and seeing them step up to create a safe-space club open to the community at large was inspiring and cheer-worthy. Jude is the brave and loyal friend all young queer kids need.”

    - Gabriella Crivilare, Prairie Fox Books, Ottawa, IL

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