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  • Knitting the Fog, Claudia D. Hernández
    The Feminist Press at CUNY, 9781936932542, July 9, 2019 (Fiction)


    Knitting the Fog is one of those remarkable books that entirely transports you to another time and place, and lets you see the world through someone else’s perspective. Hernández’s writing is unique and exquisite, weaving narrative and poetry into a beautiful and timely story of family, growing up, and leaving everything you know for a chance at a better life.”

    -Hillary Smith, Copperfield’s Books, Calistoga, CA

    “An immense pleasure to read, Knitting the Fog is a poetic, lyrical memoir of motherhood, immigration, and assimilation. Claudia D. Hernández grew up in Guatemala, the child of an alcoholic father and an angry but determined mother. When Claudia was seven, her mother left Guatemala for the U.S., returning three years later to fetch her daughters. Told partly in verse and partly in Spanish, this memoir is a journey of three young girls, led by a ferocious and mysterious mother, from the lush heat of Guatemala through multiple countries, across the Rio Grande, and finally to Los Angeles. This book is about learning to belong and also remembering your roots, and about the hunger that lies deep inside of all of us that can never quite be filled.”

    -Elissa Sweet, Bank Square Books, Mystic, CT


    “A relevant look into the difficulties of immigration, told in poetry and prose, Knitting the Fog gives us a glimpse into the complicated relationships with home, country, tradition, poverty, and place. A helpful reminder at this time in our country’s history that the decision to leave one’s home country is not made lightly — it is not a whim, it is a wrenching decision to try to make a better life; even in the escape of extreme poverty and violence, there is still loss and a sadness that cannot be forgotten.”

    -Jessica Osborne, E. Shaver, Bookseller, Savannah, GA

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