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  • Lucky Red, Claudia Cravens
    The Dial Press, 9780593498248, June 20, 2023 (Fiction)

    “Set in the heart of the American West, Claudia Cravens’ debut novel, Lucky Red, is best described as True Grit by way of Sarah Waters. It’s a delightfully queer and sexy subversion of the western genre that puts a charismatic and hard-hearted harlot front and center.”

    —Rachael Conrad, PRINT: A Bookstore, Portland, ME

    Lucky Red is the cinematic, feminist, queer western that I need everyone to read so we can fangirl about it together. Reminiscent of Deadwood and Westworld, but centered on the women of the brothel, Claudia Cravens flips the script and offers readers a fresh take on the ‘Wild West’ of 1870s Dodge City. You’ll find yourself wholeheartedly rooting for Bridget (aka ‘Red’) despite wanting to shake some sense into her at times. Sidle up, have some whiskey, play some cards, pay for a poke, and gear up for a hell of a good time!”

    —Christine Bollow, Loyalty Bookstores, Washington, DC

    “A welcome, fresh take on the traditional western genre. Sure, Lucky Red includes deputies and gunslingers, but they play secondary roles. Instead, the resourceful ‘sporting women’ in a Dodge City brothel take center stage — especially sixteen-year-old, red-headed Bridget, who grows up quickly and wisely through tricks, adventure, love, and betrayal. Just when you think you know where the story’s headed, the ending will throw you off like a runaway horse.”

    —Beth Shapiro, Skylark Bookshop, Columbia, MO


    “Bridget, also known as ‘Red,’ is a penniless orphan turned hooker in 1877, Dodge City. She’s also gutty, whip smart, a little feral, and the heart of this timeless Western turned on its feminist, queer side. Lucky Red is a roaring, gunslinging good time with a contemporary leading lady who’s unafraid to seize what she wants.”

    —Thu Doan, East Bay Booksellers, Oakland, CA


    “Claudia Cravens’ debut novel Lucky Red transports readers to the Wild West of 1877 Dodge City. Bridget, an orphaned teenager, is recruited to work in a brothel and thinks she’s found temporary security, until danger arrives in town in the form of a band of outlaws and a legendary female gunfighter. Cravens blends western, romance, and action together, creating a fast-paced, fearless story perfect for anyone looking for a fresh and exciting take on the Western genre.”

    —Beth Seufer Buss, Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC

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