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  • Nine Shiny Objects, Brian Castleberry
    Custom House, 9780062984395, June 30, 2020 (Fiction)

    Nine Shiny Objects is a big novel with big ideas and a large cast of misfits. It feels particularly prescient during America’s current obsession with both the grifter and the cult narrative. It’s fun and also makes you think — totally worth the ride.”

    Quentin Greif, Little City Books (Hoboken, NJ)

    “Do not be distracted by the nine shiny objects spotted over the Cascade Mountains — that just might have been alien craft — and take a different journey as a masterful linking of lives shows what might have been from 1947 to 1987. Failing as an actor in Chicago, Oliver reads of the lights and hitchhikes west to his destiny. Along the way, he encounters Saul and a new community is founded: the Seekers, dedicated to living without racist or sexist attitudes. But the times are against them, as the headlines will attest. The story is linked by the people who are touched or changed by their encounters. This is a story that rewards paying attention. It has a lot to say about society, and what that might mean.”


    Deon Stonehouse, Sunriver Books & Music (Sunriver, OR)

    “This debut novel is a puzzle worth working out — don’t give up! Castleberry cleverly entwines nine characters over 50 years, a tribute to America as we struggle to ‘become enlightened’ while also understanding those who reject new ideas.”

    Kappy Kling, HearthFire Books & Treats (Evergreen, CO)

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