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  • Opposite of Always, Justin A. Reynolds
    Katherine Tegen Books, 9780062748379, March 12, 2019 (Young Adult)


    “After Jack and Kate’s meet-cute at a college party, where they immediately hit it off, Kate quickly becomes a major part of Jack’s life. But then Kate dies. Jack begins to time travel in order to prevent her death and is transported back to the beginning of their relationship. Funny and suspenseful, this is a great story and a great new voice!”

    Cathy Berner, Blue Willow Bookshop (Houston, TX)


    “What if, in the name of true love, you were given multiple opportunities to fine-tune the past in order to save your soul mate from dying? Jack King is presented with such a quandary when after meeting the enigmatic Kate and falling in love, Kate passes away. Sad, yes. But wait. Jack is given multiple chances to right that mortal wrong in Groundhog Day fashion, and as we all know in time-travel speak, that is never a good idea, so Jack must figure out what is best for everyone he loves—most importantly Kate. Just like any relationship, The Opposite of Always is frustratingly addictive and difficult to walk away from.”

    Javier Ramirez, The Book Table (Oak Park, IL)


    “I there one moment of your life that you’d want to do over? How about four or five chances? That’s what Jack gets: multiple chances to have the girl of his dreams and his friends happy and healthy, but he needs every chance to do it. This debut is a must-read for fans of John Green or anyone that wants a wonderful love story with hilarity, honesty, and one of the best friendship trifectas I’ve ever read.”

    Nichole Cousins, White Birch Books (North Conway, NH)

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