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  • Saltwater Demands a Psalm: Poems, Kweku Abimbola
    Graywolf Press, 9781644452271, April 4, 2023 (Fiction)

    "Combining Ghanaian pictographs with the grave result of being Black in America, Abimbola honors the victims of police violence. Each person is renamed and reimagined, allowing them to be rebirthed. Abimbola incorporates both Black and African themes into an enchanting collection that is as sacred as a bowl of jollof rice. Saltwater Demands a Psalm is a call that you want to respond to with as much joy as reverence.”

    - Nikita Imafidon, Raven Book Store, Lawrence, KS


    “Kweku Abimbola’s collection is a dazzling appreciation of Black life — its heritage and traditions, joy and pleasure, its daily, bodily, physical incarnation. It’s also a powerful, deeply moving reckoning with the systematic murder of Black people in America, and an effort to eulogize and come to grips with the common, extraordinary violences perpetrated against Black life every day. It reaches both backwards, to Ghana and a pre-American cultural past, and forwards to a life beyond violence, where life and beauty and Blackness and joy and possibility coexist in a single, uninterrupted river.”

    - Camden Avery, The Booksmith, San Francisco, CA



    “A unique collection of poetry reflecting on Black life, focused on particular Black lives lost in recent years due to brutality and racism by law enforcement and white supremacy. Taken together, the poetry paints a powerful picture of what it means to be Black in America today.”

    - Tanya Mills, The Book Bungalow, St. George, UT

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