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  • Sea Witch, Sarah Henning
    Katherine Tegen Books, 9780062438775, July 31, 2018 (Young Adult)

    “Take everything you think you know about The Little Mermaid and set it aside, because with enchanting prose and wickedly clever twists, Sea Witch blows it all—quite literally—out of the water.”

    Louise Marshall, Rakestraw Books (Danville, CA)

    “To read the pages of Sea Witch is to walk what appears to be a familiar path only to find it suddenly transformed into something unexpected, incisive, and beguiling. In this burgeoning genre of reimagined fairy tales, Henning’s presentation of the origins and character of the villainess from Andersen’s Little Mermaid is a true standout, a story that resonates well beyond its final page.”


    Kenny Brechner, Devaney, Doak & Garrett Booksellers (Farmington, ME)

    “The siren song of redemption is hard to resist for Evie, who has been ostracized by her fishing village following the drowning of her friend Anna. Not a noble and not trusted by the villagers, Evie has attempted small magics to help turn the meager catches of the village to plenty. She is tempted to greater magic, outlawed by the crown and punishable by burning at the stake, when a strange girl, Annamette, appears in the cove. Annamette falls rapidly in love with Prince Niklas, and all sorts of love shapes get bent and broken as Evie keeps trying to fix things only to have worse pile onto bad in waves. Evie is a creative, ingenious young woman who has carried a great deal of guilt not her own. Her sorrow, guilt, and desire are very intriguing, and one can see the vestiges of the strength and insight into the human (and not-so-human) heart that could make her a formidable antagonist in someone else’s story. I look forward to revisiting Evie and seeing what else rises from the depths.”


    Jessica Hahl, The Country Bookshelf (Bozeman, MT)

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