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Young Adult

  • The Devouring Gray, Christine Lynn Herman
    Disney-Hyperion, 9781368024969, April 2, 2019 (Young Adult)


    “Herman’s novel is part horror, part fantasy, and one great read. After experiencing a family tragedy, Violet Saunders and her mother move back to Four Paths, her mother’s hometown. Violet soon learns that there is a beast hiding beneath the surface of the town. Especially recommended for fans of Stranger Things.”

    Katherine Warde, Micawber’s Books (St. Paul, MN)


    “A beast lurks on the edge of the town of Four Paths and its powers are growing at the same time Violet Sanders and her mother return. Violet discovers her family history and their relationship to three other families known as the Founders, and her role in protecting the town becomes instrumental as bodies start appearing at the edge of the woods. This book will grab you by the shirt collar and won’t let go till the very last page.”

    Nichole Cousins, White Birch Books (North Conway, NH)


    “When mutilated bodies start to show up in the small town of Four Paths in rural upstate New York, the townsfolk know it can only mean one thing: The Gray is back. Existing on an alternate plane, The Gray (not unlike the Demogorgon/Upside Down in Stranger Things) has been terrorizing the town since its inception, but the founding families of Four Paths have always been able to keep it from crossing over. This time, familial dark secrets could hinder the town and allow The Gray to break through, and it’s up to four teen descendants of the founders to put aside differences and keep the terror at bay. Gripping and terrifying, Devouring Gray will have you sleeping with one eye open, if at all.”

    Javier Ramirez, The Book Table (Oak Park, IL)

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