Middle Grade

    • The House with Chicken Legs, Sophie Anderson
      Scholastic Press, 9781338209969, October 9, 2018 (Middle Grade)

      “Marinka has tired of the nomadic life she lives with her Baba Yaga and their magical house with chicken legs, helping to usher the dead into the afterlife. When Baba disappears, it’s up to Marinka to find her and save the magic of the house. Help comes from unlikely sources, and the new family she builds for herself is a delightful testament to found families and community resilience.”


      -Jessica Hahl, The Country Bookshelf (Bozeman, MT)

      “I was hooked from the beginning! I just wanted to know what would happen to Marinka, Yaga, and the house with chicken legs. The story takes you on an adventure full of twists and turns and makes you think. Loved it!”


      -Allison Barton, The Children’s Book Garden (Berlin, MD)

      Coco meets a traditional Baba Yaga story, with a twist!”


      -Buffy Cummins, Second Star to the Right Books (Denver, CO)

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