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  • The Incendiaries, R.O. Kwon
    Riverhead Books, 9780735213890, July 31, 2018 (Fiction)

    “Kwon’s debut is a deeply uncomfortable experience that opens the reader to discussions of faith, passion, and mystery and how one responds to loss, without providing any tidy answers. Through the lens of Kwon’s characters, readers are reminded that the sometimes-anomalous groups that commit terrible acts justified by their belief in extremist, creed-driven ideologies are still formed of individuals. A stellar reminder that the most effective antagonists are those who believe they are the protagonists of their story.”


    Maryelizabeth Yturralde, Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego, CA)

    “R.O. Kwon’s debut is a stunner. She manages to weave, with new depth and perspective, a narrative of love, obsession, grief, and the irresistible lure of magnetic people. The Incendiaries is the marker of a great future of storytelling from Kwon. I can’t wait to read what she does next.”


    Rebecca George, Volumes Bookcafé (Chicago, IL)

    “Each sentence in The Incendiaries is its own experience, its own sensation. Some are highly polished gems or candies that fit under the tongue. Some are vines bearing fruit and sharp deadly thorns and flowers with an unearthly smell. Some are hard as a fist. That R.O. Kwon has created a compulsive, hypnotic narrative from sentences like these is a prodigious accomplishment, maybe even something to be a little afraid of. A total knockout.”


    Vanessa Martini, City Lights Books (San Francisco, CA)

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