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  • The Long Haul, Finn Murphy
    W.W. Norton, 9780393608717, June 6, 2017 (Non-Fiction)

    “Finn Murphy’s memoir of working as a long-distance mover is a delight. These are stories of people and their stuff, the nuts and bolts of moving and hauling, all with a healthy dose of astute sociological commentary. Murphy has a true gift for storytelling, making this one of the year’s sharpest, most compelling memoirs.”

    Anton Bogomazov, Politics & Prose (Washington, DC)

    "Such a brilliant book about long haul movers--yep, you read that correctly. Finn Murphy has moved his customers from one place to another for over 20 years. He is in charge and responsible for the packing, stacking, driving, and unpacking at each move he does. Long haul movers know a lot about their customers' private lives from the clues they leave around to be packed up. It is wise to be nice to them! Along the way, Finn makes some very astute observations about America's heartland and the evolving workforce of today. Completely engrossing and worth the read, even if you don't plan to use movers."

    Jason Kennedy, Boswell Book Company (Milwaukee, WI)

    "This memoir of a life spent hauling trucks full of strangers’ personal belongings across the country is the book I didn’t know I needed. Finn Murphy writes engaging slice of life stories of his time as a long-haul truck driver while showing the changes in the trucking industry and American life in the decades he’s spent pulling thousands of pounds behind up mountains, through storms, and across plains. Trucking is a solitary life but Murphy grabbed me like a friend as he took me with him on his journey."

    Jamie Thomas, Women & Children First (Chicago, IL)

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