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  • The Second Home, Christina Clancy
    St. Martin's Press, 9781250239341, June 2, 2020 (Fiction)

    “Christina Clancy delivers a delightful escape to a beloved family home in Cape Cod. One fateful summer, everything goes awry, causing the family to fracture. Yet family love prevails, although not in expected ways. Clancy’s debut novel engages every emotion as this family struggles with secrets and misunderstandings. A fantastic summer getaway.”

    Kappy Kling, HearthFire Books & Treats (Evergreen, CO)

    “After the unexpected death of their parents, three siblings are forced to deal with the events that divided their family at their summer home in Cape Cod years ago. Each sibling is bonded to their Cape Cod summers and the home that evokes so many stories and memories of their childhood. How do you sell a treasure? As they struggle to untangle years of hurt, secrets, and betrayal, you ache for them to save their home and themselves.”

    --Maxwell Gregory, Lake Forest Book Store (Lake Forest, IL)

    “In The Second Home, the idea of place is evoked so sensuously it feels like a presence in the story. Step into this old home that holds the memories of generations of the Gordon family, who in summer would leave the Midwest, travel to their Cape Cod summer home, and revel in the season. As the story opens, Ed and Connie Gordon have died, and Ann, the responsible daughter, is meeting a realtor. Ann is intent on selling this piece of her family history. Poppy, the free-spirited sister, spends her life traveling the world, while Michael, the young man the family adopted when he was in high school, has fled, his whereabouts unknown. Something happened to the teens one summer, something that frayed the ties binding this family. When Michael reappears to assert his right as an heir to the Cape Cod home, the siblings will have to face the ghosts of that fateful summer. Through it all, the second home is for each of them a touchstone to their pasts and a way to their future.”

    Deon Stonehouse, Sunriver Books & Music (Sunriver, OR)

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