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  • The Silence of Bones, June Hur
    Feiwel & Friends, 9781250229557, April 21, 2020 (Young Adult)

    The Silence of Bones is a murder mystery that takes place in medieval Korea––a setting popular in Korean dramas but we don't see in YA. Seol has a strong internal monologue, and is gritty and steely in the face of derision and condescension from men in her world. She takes it upon herself to clear the name of her mentor and solve the murder herself, risking her own life in the process. A well-written depiction of a part of history that we rarely see, led by a smart heroine who defies everyone's expectations of her.”

    Jackie Jou, Mysterious Galaxy Books (San Diego, CA)

    The Silence of Bones is a historic and richly atmospheric mystery that is utterly unique and difficult to put down!  Seol is an indentured servant living in 1800s Korea, working for the police to solve a murder case. She is often reprimanded for her curiosity, but it's what is needed to uncover the truth. This story is mesmerizing.”

    Sarah True, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH


    “This YA historical mystery had me gripped from the first page!!”

    -Robyn Broderick, The Reading Bug (San Carlos, CA)


    “I was struck by the depth of this gripping story. Seol’s quest for answers about her own past are a fascinating counterpoint to her investigation into a grisly murder. The meditative quality of the narration of this historical mystery felt perfectly suited to the Korean setting and the backdrop of political and religious struggles. Seol’s courage, curiosity, and dedication make her a character I can’t get enough of. Let’s hope this is the start of a series.”


    Tegan Tigani, Queen Anne Book Company (Seattle, WA)

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