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Middle Grade

  • Turtles of the Midnight Moon, María José Fitzgerald
    Knopf Books for Young Readers, 9780593488706, March 14, 2023 (Middle Grade)

    Turtles of the Midnight Moon is magical in more ways than one, but the glimpse it offers into life in Honduras and the challenges environmentalists face there is all too real. Barana and Abby are a dedicated and inspiring team. A wonderful story about friendship, courage, and conservation.”

    - Gabriella Crivilare, Prairie Fox Books, Ottawa, IL


    “A delightful middle grade eco-mystery that brings two girls from different backgrounds together as they try to stop poachers from stealing turtle eggs. I enjoyed the little bit of magical elements interwoven into this story.”

    - Earl Dizon, Green Bean Books, Portland, OR



    “This endearing, inspiring, and educational middle grade book would also make the perfect read-aloud for kids with strong attention spans over 7. With just a touch of magical realism, the book focuses on the very true-to-life story of endangered sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach of a small island town, the secretive poaching threatening their survival, and two 12-year-olds who are determined to solve the mystery of the eggs’ disappearance. Not only is this book engagingly written and highly relatable, but it also provides valuable education about conservation and our relationship to our world, portrays the joy of photography, and brings to life the experiences of underrepresented groups — both Honduran and Honduran-American. I’ll be recommending this to my customers the moment it becomes available to order!”

    - Emily Autenrieth, A Seat at the Table, Elk Grove, CA

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