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  • White Rose, Kip Wilson
    Versify, 9781328594433, April 2, 2019 (Young Adult)


    “With spare but powerful verse, Kip Wilson brings us the haunting story of the young resistance group that risked everything to speak out against the Nazi regime. Basing her novel on a true story, Wilson conveys the hearts and minds of the characters beautifully.”

    Alicia Michielli, Talking Leaves...Books (Buffalo, NY)


    “Wilson’s verse slows and somehow makes bearably immediate Sophie Scholl’s evolution from an idealistic and spunky teenage member of a loving, middle-class German family to a wily, stubborn saboteur of the Third Reich as a member of The White Rose. The outcome is history; she and her brother Hans and a fellow soldier are put to death for refusing to name their co-conspirators. But the quality and beauty of the poetry tell this true story, illuminating the irony, horror, and reality of Sophie’s life in a way that will make readers want to read all the way through and will leave all with a deeper understanding of this time in history we need never forget.”

    Christy McDanold, Secret Garden Bookshop (Seattle, WA)


    “Told completely in verse, White Rose provides stunning imagery and feeling to those wanting a fresh take on World War II and to perhaps learn about a lesser-discussed group of people—a group that strove to bring about change in an unwilling community. Kip Wilson gives readers a tale so rich that it really should be read aloud. It will leave readers in chills.”

    Jen Pino, Vroman’s Bookstore (Pasadena, CA)

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