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Middle Grade

  • Witches of Brooklyn, Sophie Escabasse
    Random House Graphic, 9780593119273, September 1, 2020 (Middle Grade)

    “I can only hope that all young, emerging witches get aunties as great as Effie’s. Having to move to a new home is hard, but learning that you are a witch is even harder. This is a magical tale about learning what makes you special, what makes others special, and what makes a family. The Witches of Brooklyn is a sweet, honest, and joyful read.”

    Rebecca Crosswhite, Rediscovered Books (Boise, ID)

    “From the very beginning, we know we’re going to like Effie and her weird Aunt Selimene. Effie has to live with Aunt Selimene and Aunt Carlota after her mother dies. She thinks Selimene is old and weird, and Selimene thinks she is young and weird! They are both hot-tempered but warm-hearted. And possibly witches! When Effie’s favorite pop star becomes ill, she is sure her witchy aunts can save the day. But can they? The back and forth between the characters reminded me of my favorite show, The Gilmore Girls! The fun and witty banter, the emotional outbursts, and the outrageous outfits combine to make this a joyous addition to graphic novel land!”

    Kathy Burnette, The Brain Lair (South Bend, IN)

    The Witches is Brooklyn is the fun, magical adventure all graphic novel readers will love! When Effie finds herself living with two very weird aunts in Brooklyn, hijinks ensue. Inclusive, smart, and charming — you’ll fall in love with this coven of a family. Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Ben Hatke!”

    Chelsea Bauer, Union Avenue Books (Knoxville, TN)

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