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Amazing Books & Records
929 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

We're Pittsburgh's largest independently owned used bookstore, with one location Downtown, and one in Squirrel Hill.

Amazing Books & Records (Squirrel Hill)
2030 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

Caliban Books
410 S Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Located in Pittsburgh, Pa., Caliban Book Shop features used and rare books for readers, scholars, and collectors.

City Books (PA)
908 Galveston Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15233

Founded in 1984, City Books is Pittsburgh's oldest used bookstore. It is a small, friendly shop with an emphasis on both old-world charm and modern customer service. Its mission is to promote artistic and written expression in relation to experience & narrative; to foster dialogue among artists, writers and audiences across race, gender, sexual orientation, geographic, and socio-economic boundaries; and to reinforce the vital bond between literature & art as part of the region’s cultural heritage. Located in Allegheny West, the bookshop offers free wi-fi, a gender-neutral bathroom, and soft jazz playing in the background. Readers are welcome to take a quick peek or enjoy a long afternoon browse.

City of Asylum Pittsburgh
40 W North Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212
(412) 435-1112

City of Asylum Books is an independent bookstore in Pittsburgh, specializing in works in translation and world literature. We opened in January 2017 in City of Asylum's Alphabet City center. Alphabet City also houses a performance space and a restaurant cafe. City of Asylum Books is committed to showcasing literature from around the world and giving voice to marginalized and underrepresented communities.

Half Price Books Ross Township
4932 Mcknight Rd, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237
(412) 369-0860

Hudson Booksellers PIT (422)
Pittsburgh Int'l - Hudson/WDFG, Pittsburgh, PA, 15231

Hudson Booksellers is the #1 airport bookseller in North America. From national bestsellers selected especially for travelers, to eclectic favorites of our local booksellers and national buyers, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the browsing experience that Hudson Booksellers offers. Free tote bag with the purchase of any 2 hardcover books.

Hudson Booksellers PIT (481)
Pittsburgh Int'l - Hudson/WDFG, Pittsburgh, PA, 15231

Hudson Booksellers PIT (482)
Pittsburgh Int'l - Hudson/WDFG, Pittsburgh, PA, 15231

Karen's Book Row
410 S. Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Specializing in feminist fiction and uncommon reads, Karen's Book Row is a permanent pop up bookshelf located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Riverstone Books
8850 Covenant Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237
412 366-1001

General interest bookstore with 2 locations in Pittsburgh - North Hills and Squirrel Hill

Riverstone Books (Squirrel Hill)
5841 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15217
(412) 366-1001

Classic Lines is a general purpose bookstore with new and used books in every subject category. Like all the best bookstores we have something to offend everyone.

Stories Like Me
Pittsburgh, PA, 15217
(412) 229-7697

Stories Like Me is a diverse and inclusive children's to young adult bookstore whose mission is that all children and families can find themselves in stories. We intentionally curate a wonderful selection of books from board books to Young Adult novels reflecting the beauty of our community and the world at large. We believe that books have the power to build kindness and empathy and a more just world.

The Tiny Bookstore
1130 Perry Hwy Suite 106, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237

300 Square Feet of Books, Gifts, and Toys in the North Hills of Pittsburgh While we have a wide assortment of books, we’re more than a bookstore. We have gifts, toys, and a community help desk. Whether you’re looking for something new to read or need help with a cover letter or resume, we have you covered.

White Whale Bookstore
4754 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15224

White Whale is a general-interest independent bookstore in Pittsburgh. With conversation, community, and culture, it is a home for book lovers. The selection of new books includes a broad range of contemporary and literary fiction and nonfiction, poetry, history, philosophy, local authors, independent presses, and children's books. White Whale Bookstore is a place for engagement, conversation, and sharing ideas. It hosts author readings on and off-site, poetry nights, writing workshops, book clubs, children’s story hour, school visits, and more.

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