The “Kobo: What You Need to Know” Newsletter Is Back

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The “Kobo: What You Need to Know” Newsletter returned this week with news about the American Booksellers Association/Kobo partnership, including the latest on contracts, eReading promotions, personnel, and more. The e-mail newsletter was sent to participating ABA member stores on Wednesday, June 24.

Below is a look at some of this week’s highlights; full details are available to Kobo stores in the June 24 newsletter in BookWeb’s Kobo Announcement Archive.

The ABA/Kobo contract one-year auto-renew is in effect.
When ABA and Kobo signed a three-year deal in late summer of 2012, the agreement included an automatic renewal for an additional year — unless one of the sides wanted out. The one-year contract extension is now in effect.

The accessories discount code for online ordering has changed.
There is a new discount code for ABA member stores ordering accessories online; the code gives ABA members a 40 percent discount. (For the code, see the archived June 24 newsletter.)

New Aura price drop promotion starts now.
The Kobo Aura retail price is $99.99, effective June 24, 2015. Kobo will reimburse stores $38 for each unit in stock as of June 24 that is sold at the reduced price between June 24 and July 24.

To receive the rebate via ACH transfer, stores must submit sales numbers and supporting documentation via the Kobo Reporting Tool by August 5, 2015. Step-by-step instructions are available in the June 24 newsletter.

Just for us: “eRead Local” incentive program begins in August.
Participating ABA members will be compensated for acquiring new Kobo customers through the 100-day “eRead Local” program, launching on August 22 and continuing until November 29. The compensation is $5 per new Kobo customer acquired.

Each new customer creating a Kobo account through an affiliate ABA member will also receive a $5 credit for use toward his or her first purchase of a Kobo eBook. Kobo stores that acquire 100 new customers will have a chance to win an in-store event with a bestselling author; those that acquire 50 new customers will be eligible for a chance to win Kobo eReaders. Kobo is preparing a marketing kit to help promote the program. More details will be released as plans develop.

There is a new Kobo team in place.
Meet the Kobo folks who now head up the U.S. program:

Left to right: Catherine Villar, Partner Manager, North America; Siobhan Padgett, Senior Vendor Manager, USA; Christine Munroe, USA Manager, Kobo Writing Life & Author Relations; Santiago Melo, Team Lead, Merchandiser, USA; Tracy Nesdoly, Vice President, Communications; and Dave Anderson, Vice President, Publisher Relations and Merchandising.

The ABA Kobo Support Team welcomes questions and comments at  [email protected].