76 Top Tens a Huge Hit, or So We Hear!

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By Carl Lennertz

First of all, thank you for the great nominations, especially from all the first-time nominators, whether at a specialty or general store, who feel as if books in their specialty now have a national voice!

And people are noticing:

  • USA Today has already run Wednesday Life section "Snapshots" on the SF/Fantasy and the Teen 76 Top Tens, with more likely.
  • Locus magazine says they’ll feature the new SF/Fantasy 76 Top Ten in their April issue.
  • Book Page is considering running the Poetry 76 Top Ten in their April issue.
  • More media attention will come as we do more.
  • And publishers are noticing, too, as are authors! A few wrote to say thank you to all the indies.
  • AND, your customers are noticing, as we’ve heard of some additional sales resulting from in-section displays of some of the books in the Top Ten 76 along with the pad.
  • AND AND, many of you have commented that you liked the e-mail from me with the additional bookseller raves for books that didn’t crack the Top Ten but sounded interesting and worth considering for stocking. BookSense.com is also featuring the Top Tens and the additional picks, getting as many bookseller names into the spotlight as possible.

As always, let us know if you’d like additional pads. Note the space at the bottom for the store stamp.

Nominate books for these 76 Top Tens just as you would the big 76; here’s a link to a nomination form, as well as the schedule of upcoming 76 Top Tens, with deadlines: http://www.bookweb.org/booksense/seventysix/2330.html.

I am particularly keen to be able to do the Audio and the Juneteenth/African-American History 76 Top Tens!

Again, thanks,

[email protected]