ABA Asks You to Share Your Creativity

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The American Booksellers Association is asking booksellers to share some of the creative things they have done to make their stores more successful and profitable.

Booksellers’ input, via a short, online survey, will help ABA formulate the Spring Forum season’s educational component, “The Top 10 Things You Must Do Now!” 

This session will be presented at 11 Spring Booksellers Forums, which are being held in conjunction with the regional booksellers associations, between Friday, March 15, and Wednesday, May 8, 2013.

The top 10 ideas will feature best practices covering a broad range of categories including marketing/promotion, finances, store operations, human resources, inventory, ambiance, customer service, and more. The deadline for survey responses is February 18.

Take the survey now.

Questions about the survey should be addressed to ABA Education Manager Lisa Winn.

Questions about the forum schedule should be addressed to your ABA Member Relationship Manager, Nathan Halter in the GLIBA, MIBA, MPIBA, PNBA, and SIBA regions, or Kaitlin Pitcher in the NAIBA, NCIBA, NEIBA, and SCIBA regions.