ABA Book Buyer's Handbook Update for the Week of July 15

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Here is a brief outline of the most significant recent changes to the ABA Book Buyer's Handbook online.

Publishers are asked to inform ABA immediately of any changes to terms and contact information, and booksellers are strongly encouraged to alert ABA of changing terms that come to their attention.

A form is available at http://handbook.bookweb.org/form.jsp that booksellers and publishers can use to report changing terms. Within the next month, the association will be launching the Publisher Administration section of the Handbook site, which will allow publishers to view and edit their listings online. All companies currently in the Handbook will be informed of the launch by a letter, which will include their company access code.

Recent changes:

  • Harvard Perspectives Press:
    New Office Phone: (617) 484-4342. Fax: (617) 588-0906.

  • John Wiley & Sons:
    New Office Address: 111 River St., Hoboken, NJ 07030. Office Phone: (201) 748-6000. Office Fax: (201) 748-8641.

  • Red Rock Press:
    Distribution is now handled by Independent Publishers Group.

Listings to which more complete ordering and returns information has been added:

  • Colonial House Publishers
  • Great Rift Press
  • Karmichael Press
  • Lake Claremont Press
  • Orion Society, Inc.
  • Rourke Publishing LLC
  • Stones Point Press

New listings added:

  • Center for the Study of Services
  • Silicon Press