ABA Bylaws Amendment Approved by Membership

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The bookstore members of the American Booksellers Association have approved a bylaws amendment that moves ABA from a nine-person Board of Directors to a 10-person Board by making the position of Board president a separate and distinct position that serves one two-year term. The change affects the next ABA president, whose term will begin in May. (All ABA Regular bookstore members should be on the lookout for the 2011 electronic Board ballot, which will arrive via e-mail next week.)

Balloting on the bylaws change, which began on February 9 and ended on March 11, was open to all ABA Regular bookstore members.

“Creating a two-year term for future presidents will prove to be a great benefit for ABA’s governance and for achieving the association’s ends policies by enhancing the diversity of the Board’s deliberations and by helping to ensure the frequent infusion of new energy and ideas while maintaining the responsiveness and collegiality of a small group,” said outgoing ABA President Michael Tucker of California’s Books Inc. “The ABA Board is thankful to all the bookstore members who voted and appreciative of the strong support the bylaws change received.”