ABA Discount Shipping Program Offers Savings on Fuel Surcharges

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In these tough economic times, freight companies, like airlines, are passing higher gas prices along to customers via fuel surcharges. But one way ABA members can reduce the impact of increased freight charges is through participation in the PartnerShip Discount Shipping Program. There's no charge for enrollment, no minimums, and no obligations, and benefits include discounts on small package shipping via FedEx and on large freight shipments via UPS Freight or Yellow Transportation, as well as savings on office services via FedEx Kinko's.

Today, the average fuel surcharge on freight is around 38 percent, and unfortunately there is no end in sight. But here's an example of how the ABA Discount Shipping Program can save you money: If your base shipment cost is $1,000 and your shipping program discount is 64 percent, your adjusted shipment price is $360. However, you also saved 64 percent off your fuel surcharge, which at today's 38 percent is a significant savings.

Instead of the base rate fuel surcharge being calculated on the $1,000 shipment price, it's calculated on the $360 discounted shipping rate, bringing the fuel surcharge all the way down from $380 to $136.80. So instead of the total being $1,380, it's discounted to $496.80 through participation in ABA's Discount Shipping Program.

Enrollment in the PartnerShip Discount Shipping Program is free and open to all ABA members via www.partnership.com/07aba.