ABA Health Care Legislation Survey Results

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Here's a look at some of the data compiled from last week's survey of ABA member booksellers regarding health care reform.

This information, as well as additional comments provided by survey respondents, will be very helpful to the ABA Board of Directors as it considers how it might advocate for health care reform on behalf of independent booksellers. In addition, Bookselling This Week will continue to cover the ongoing story of health care reform.

"I know that that Board very much appreciates the participation of the booksellers who responded to this survey," said ABA CEO Oren Teicher. "This is an important -- and complex -- issue, and having this critical input from bookseller members will help ensure that the Board's future discussions on health care reform are as focused and informed as possible."

Booksellers with questions about the survey should contact Dan Cullen, at dan@bookweb.org.

1. Are you personally covered by health insurance?

  Yes, through the store 30.9%
  Yes, through means other than the store 61.7%
  I am not covered by health insurance 8.7%

2. Do you currently pay all or part of the cost of health insurance benefits for your full-time employees' insurance?

  Yes 33.2%
  No 66.8%

3. Do you currently pay all or part of the cost of health insurance benefits for your part-time employees' insurance?

  Yes 10.8%
  No 89.2%

4. If you answered "Yes" to Question 1 or Question 2, how many employees are covered?

  1 - 5 28.7%
  6 - 10 5.3%
  11 - 25 4.3%
  26 - 50 4.7%
  51 - 150 1.0%
  More than 150 1.0%
  N/A 55.0%

5. Would you support health care reform legislation that would require employers to contribute some percentage toward the cost of individual employee health insurance coverage.

  Yes 39.1%
  No 21.1%
  Unsure 39.8%

6. If you answered "Yes" to Question 5, would you support legislation that would exempt small businesses:

  By number of employees 37.5%
  By business volume 27.5%
  Other 10.0%
  Unsure 37.1%

7. In this debate, some continue to advocate for health care reforms in which government, rather than business, would play the major roll in providing health care. Do you support such an approach?

  Yes 62.4%
  No 20.0%
  Unsure 17.6%

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