ABA to Introduce Changes to Book Buyer’s Handbook

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Changes will soon be rolled out to the American Booksellers Association’s Book Buyer’s Handbook that will allow publishers, distributors, and wholesalers to view the contents of all Handbook listings, not just their own. However, the fields of “Discount Schedules” and “Special Offers” will remain visible only to the respective listing owners and to booksellers.

ABA member booksellers’ access to Handbook listings will not change. Member bookstores will continue to have the ability to view all listings by default.

For listing owners who would prefer that all of their listing details remain unavailable to other listing owners, a new “Hide Listing” checkbox will be added to the edit screen of their listing. This option will not affect booksellers’ access to the content.

Handbook listing owners are encouraged to take time regularly to ensure their listing is up to date. The vital importance of the Handbook was communicated to ABA by booksellers at Winter Institute 2017 in Minneapolis and at Children’s Institute 2017 in Portland, Oregon. The Book Buyer’s Handbook, available at handbook.bookweb.org, is repeatedly rated by ABA members as one of the most highly valued resources offered by ABA.

Listing owners with questions or support needs can contact ABA Book Data Assistant Alison Larkin.