ABA Launches E-Fairness Action Kit

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As states ring in the new year faced with significant budget shortfalls, it is clear that e-fairness will be a major focus in 2010. With a tremendous opportunity to win a significant victory for sales tax equity around the country, the American Booksellers Association has launched a new E-Fairness Action Kit (E-FACT) that provides booksellers with crucial, state-specific tools to help them in their e-fairness outreach efforts.

"The tide is definitely turning in our favor," said Oren Teicher, ABA CEO. "Whereas just a few years ago, editorials and newspaper reports often opposed e-fairness efforts, over the past few months, there has been an overwhelming influx of positive articles demanding e-fairness now. Over the holiday, both the New York Times and Huffington Post published opinion pieces calling for sales tax equity."

E-FACT provides booksellers in the 42 states that collect sales tax but do not have e-fairness legislation with state-specific template letters to their state legislators and governor calling for e-fairness. Booksellers can simply go to E-FACT and navigate to their state, where they will find the relevant documents that can be adapted and then e-mailed to the appropriate person. Look for E-FACT to grow over the next few weeks to include op-ed pieces, FAQs, relevant articles, and practical suggestions for advocating on behalf of e-fairness.

"Frankly, e-fairness cannot happen without your help -- just one letter to the governor, a state legislator, or the Department of Revenue can be a major factor in winning this fight," Teicher stressed. "Moreover, if you know a state legislator personally or professionally, we urge you to speak to him or her about this critical issue -- or, if you prefer, let us know and provide us with an introduction to the legislator."

Over the next few days, booksellers in the 42 targeted states should expect an e-mail from Teicher regarding ABA's e-fairness efforts in their state. Booksellers who have questions, need assistance, or want more information on ABA's e-fairness efforts should contact David Grogan at (914) 373-6662 or via e-mail at [email protected].