ABA Seeks Photos of Pre-Order Promotions in Bookstores

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Booksellers are invited to send in their photos of book displays, shelf-talker call-outs, and other in-store signage promoting books that customers can pre-order. These photos will be used in future ABA promotions and events, including the 2019 Spring Forums education session.

Devaney, Doak and Garrett created a "Keep it local!" sign that reminds customers to pre-order the books listed and get a signed copy.
Devaney, Doak and Garrett in Farmington, Maine, has a "Keep it local!" sign informing customers to pre-order the books listed and get a signed copy.

At each of the 2019 forums, ABA will present “ABACUS and Pre-Orders: Two Programs You Can’t Do Without,” an update on two initiatives critical to the success of any independent bookstore: an active pre-orders campaign and participation in the annual ABACUS financial survey. The session will focus on best practices for increasing pre-orders based on in-store experiences and feedback from the Pre-Order Booksellers Task Force, and will also provide an overview of ABACUS data.

Photos should represent some of the ways that bookstores are using in-store signage to promote opportunities for their customers to pre-order a particular book, or to pre-order books in general. Booksellers are asked to e-mail their photos of pre-order displays, shelf-talkers, print ads, and anything else that promotes pre-orders to ABA Senior Education Manager Lisa Winn.