ABACUS-16 Survey Results Sent to Participating Bookstores

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ABACUS-16 survey logoOn Wednesday, December 6, bookstores that participated in the ABACUS-16 survey received an e-mail with a link to access a report analyzing their 2016 financial results. The e-mail was sent from Michael Becher with the subject line “ABACUS-16 – Results Available.”

Via the link provided, booksellers will use their login information to access the account they created earlier this year in order to submit their data. From the online dashboard, booksellers can access two reports: a general overview of findings, as well as a customized report specific to their store.

The new report, created by ABA in conjunction with Industry Insights of Dublin, Ohio, features an expanded range of data; new presentation formats, making it easier to evaluate a bookstore’s ABACUS results; and a new set of online tools. As in previous years, the ABACUS report includes benchmarking comparisons with other businesses based on multiple criteria (such as sales level, store size, and community type) in addition to year-to-year trending information for stores that have reported in previous years.

Through the new dashboard, which offers sophisticated analytical tools not available for past ABACUS surveys, booksellers will also have the ability to run dynamic reports and explore trends across a number of criteria.

“The ABACUS report is a unique and powerful tool for managing a profitable bookstore, and ABA is extremely grateful to all the member bookstores that took part in this year’s ABACUS report, as well as our partners in this project, Industry Insights,” said ABA Senior Strategy Officer Dan Cullen. “There is a wealth of new data in ABACUS-16, and new analytic tools. The report highlights a number of key benchmarking criteria and important trends, such as the continuing improvement in the cost of goods, and ABA will be working to help members make the best use of their reports.”

If a participating store has not received its ABACUS report, it should contact Michael Becher, CPA, of Industry Insights at (614) 389-2100, ext. 114, or at mbecher@industryinsights.com to resolve the issue. (Before contacting Becher, booksellers are encouraged to check both their spam filter and with key staff members to see if they may have received it.)

Booksellers who have general questions about ABACUS should contact Cullen via e-mail or at (800) 637-0037, ext. 7560.

Watch upcoming issues of Bookselling This Week for more coverage of the ABACUS-16 survey.