ABC Launches Summer Reading Superheroes Challenge

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    Booksellers can visit’s Designs & Downloads section to download promotional materials for the Summer Reading Superheroes bingo game, the centerpiece of this year’s ABC Children’s Group summer reading program.

    Summer Reading Superheroes stickerMaterials to promote the Summer Reading Superheroes bingo-style challenge include a bingo card, a critical thinking activity game, STEM and STEAM inspired activities that can be adapted for in-store use (courtesy of more than a dozen publishers), and printable stickers of the superheroes.

    The bingo card challenges readers to tackle a wide array of books to fill in the squares on their 24-space bingo card, including:

    • A book about a person from history
    • A book in a genre you don’t usually read
    • A book about an activist or activism
    • A book about a character who lives in a different country
    • A book about your personal hero

    Readers can pick up the bingo card at their local independent bookstore. Participating stores will offer rewards or prizes for children who fill out their bingo cards in whatever pattern chosen by the bookstore, such as completing five spaces in a row or blacking out the entire game board.

    The entire collection of the ABC Group’s Summer Reading Superheroes challenge can be downloaded from BookWeb’s DIY now. The summer reading program is open to all ABA member bookstores.

    Booksellers with questions about the program should contact ABC Children’s Group Manager Gen de Botton.