Announcing the Full Autumn Children's Book Sense 76

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Nominations Sought for a Very Special Top Ten 76

There is a wealth of great reading in the full Autumn Children's Book Sense 76, which is now available online at The printed fliers will be arriving in stores the week of September 15, and both the range of titles and the mix of established and new authors (all with enthusiastic nominations from independent booksellers) should provide stores with lots of opportunities for displays, face-outs, and shelf-talkers. Book Sense 76 editor-in-chief Dan Cullen encourages booksellers to send photos of their displays, and digital photos can be emailed directly to him at [email protected].

Cullen also reminds booksellers of an important deadline. Tomorrow, September 5, is the final day to send in nominations for the Book Sense 76 Kennedy Top Ten. In November, the History Channel is planning significant programming to commemorate the 40th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination. As Cullen noted in an e-mail to booksellers in the Book Sense program, "In addition to Book Sense/Hardcover History bookmarks and other related materials, we have the opportunity to develop a Book Sense 76 Kennedy books Top Ten. But we have to move quickly! Book Sense gets a ton of exposure on the History Channel, which is seen by viewers who are just the consumers we want to reach."

E-mail nominations for Book Sense 76 Kennedy Top Ten -- that is, frontlist or backlist title(s) related to JFK that you think most deserve to be hand sold to consumers -- to [email protected], and, please, include the word "Kennedy" in the subject line of the e-mail. You may also use the Book Sense 76 nomination form at