BanCard Systems Debuts New Name, Logo Following Merger

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BanCard Systems, the American Booksellers Association’s affiliated credit card processing company, will change its name to Applied Merchant on June 1, following a recent merger with Applied Merchant West Coast, LLC.

As Applied Merchant (AMS), the company will continue to offer exclusive, low rates for ABA member bookstores and free side-by-side rate comparisons.

“Merging with Applied Merchant has given BanCard Systems and its merchants a unique opportunity to provide our own products and more personalized services than ever before,” said Jeff Gallo, who is now vice president of Applied Merchant.

The company is now a full-service provider relying on no third parties for customer service or products, said Gallo. Through Applied Merchant, booksellers will have access to Dealsnapt mobile marketing, business loans and cash advance programs, Sharkfin mobile payments, and the PaymentSphere gateway, in addition to a full-service, in-house call center and risk department to attend to customer service issues.

“Our goal with merging with Applied Merchant was to have a stronger customer service presence for ABA members. We want to provide members with an unparalleled quality of service that no other competitor can rival,” Gallo added.

Through Applied Merchant, ABA member booksellers are eligible to receive a rate of 0.12 percent and $0.06 above Visa/MasterCard cost, meaning bookstores will pay Applied Merchant 12 cents for every $100 worth of transactions, plus six cents for each transaction.

AMS has worked with bookstore POS vendors to ensure optimal compatibility and easy integration of systems. Booksellers won’t need to purchase new equipment to use its services and will not experience hidden fees.

The company will also begin to offer more options to help merchants increase profits, while keeping the same employees, values, and principles as prior to the merger.

Applied Merchant is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for customer support and can be reached at (800) 748-6901 or [email protected].

Learn more about the services available from Applied Merchant here.