Be on the Lookout for Book Cash Certificates

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Booksellers should make note and inform staff that Coca-Cola, The New York Times, General Mills, and Bausch & Lomb Book Cash checks are still in circulation. The Book Cash promotion, a nationwide program coordinated by the Properties Group, is driving traffic into stores and raising national awareness of Book Sense.

There are three Coca-Cola Book Cash certificates:

  1. A mail-in program with Albertsons, which offers Book Cash checks to consumers who purchase specific Coke products through Albertsons. When customers mail in their proof of purchase, they will receive a $5 Book Cash check that expires on September 15, 2003.

  2. The Coca-Cola Football Town Entertainment Book Cash program is a Coca-Cola employee incentive, distributed via handout. Employees will have a chance to use it towards books, movies, music, sporting goods items, or videos and DVDs. The Book Cash checks are valid for $5 and expire on October 31, 2003.

  3. In Coke's "Thirst For Knowledge Campaign," the Book Cash checks are handed out to schools nationwide as part of a kit when schools buy Coke products, and, in turn, teachers hand out the checks to students. Each Coca-Cola "Thirst For Knowledge" Book Cash check is worth $5. This expires on December 31, 2003.

In January 2003, the New York Times began sending Book Cash checks to consumers who upgrade from a trial subscription to a full subscription to the newspaper. Each Times Book Cash check is valid for $10.

The General Mills/Farmer Jack Book Cash is a mail-in program. When a consumer purchases specific General Mills products at Farmer Jack stores, they can mail in their proof of purchase to receive a Book Cash certificate worth $5. This offer is only distributed in Michigan, where Farmer Jack stores are located. The Book Cash check expires on December 31, 2003.

In April 2003, Bausch & Lomb began offering Book Cash checks to consumers who purchase Bausch & Lomb's Boston Lens Care line of products. The new checks bear an expiration date of December 31, 2003, and checks must be deposited by January 7, 2004. Each Bausch & Lomb Book Cash check is valid for $2.

In all the Book Cash promotions, the back of the flyer attached to the Book Cash check will have a list of participating retailers that includes "Book Sense Stores" and "Independent Bookstores with Book Sense," as well as the Book Sense toll-free phone number and the address to help consumers find locations. All ABA member stores with Book Sense are automatically part of the program; no registration is required.

Booksellers should accept a Book Cash check in the same manner as a personal check or a traveler's check and collect any other money due to complete the sale. The Book Cash check should then be deposited into the store's bank account. Store owners and managers are strongly encouraged to brief all frontline staff about the program to avoid confusion and insure a smooth consumer transaction. (For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Book Cash, click here.)

A Book Cash decal for the store's door or front window was sent in the February white box mailing to stores with Book Sense. It is also suggested that booksellers place signs in the store, particularly at the cash-wrap, noting "Book Cash Accepted Here."

If you need a Book Cash decal, contact ABA Production Coordinator Linda Ford via e-mail at [email protected], or call (800) 637-0037, ext. 1276. If you have further questions about the Book Cash promotion contact ABA Director of Marketing Jill Perlstein via e-mail at [email protected], or call (800) 637-0037, ext. 1283.