Beware of Unusually Large Phone Orders for Textbooks

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On September 6, 2016, the IndieCommerce newsletter, IndieCommunication, published a fraud alert regarding large orders for textbooks placed via telephone. Even though these credit card transactions were approved by the credit card processor at the time the orders were placed, they were later reversed and the bookshops ended up having to cover the entire charge. 

Several weeks ago, another bookseller reported a very similar scam: a telephone order was placed for a large number of textbooks using a stolen credit card. Again, the credit card number was approved at the time of purchase and the credit card number ended up being stolen, costing the bookseller a very substantial out-of-pocket expense.

It’s very likely not good fortune to receive a phone order from an unfamiliar customer for a large number of textbooks. In both cases, the customer was extremely friendly and the books were shipped to addresses that were out of state. Stores that receive this type of order are taking a huge chance fulfilling them. Proceed with caution.