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Bookstores can support the work of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) by ordering, a new product that offers consumers a way to connect digital recordings to books, scrapbooks, greeting cards, clothing, and other items. “Story stickers,” specifically designed to be placed inside a book’s cover, allow gift-givers to add a message or read the book aloud in a recording that can be enjoyed by the gift recipient.

When consumers purchase, they receive a QR code sticker that they can either scan via a free app for Apple and Android products or enter on the website. They can then attach a photo, video, audio, or text file to the QR code. Once saved, the link is permanent, and the file can be retrieved any time by scanning or entering the code. will donate 20 percent of bookstore orders that are marked with “Binc” in the promo code box to support the organization’s efforts to provide financial assistance to booksellers experiencing severe hardship and/or emergency circumstances.

“Binc is very pleased to partner with to bring this fun new product to bookstores,” said Pamela French, the non-profit organization’s executive director. “It adds a way for book lovers to customize their book purchase, whether they are recording the book in their voice or adding a personal story or a unique message to the recipient. I think it is a great way to personalize a picture book for grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, or other kids in your life.”

French added: “Our friends at are graciously donating 20 percent of all orders. It is a wonderful opportunity to get Binc’s name out to the book reading public, raise needed funds to assist booksellers, and provide customers with a creative way to personalize a book all in one package!”

Bookstores can sign up for a wholesale account to order sticker packets at a discounted price.