Binc’s Heads or Tails Game at Wi15 Raises $4,616 for Booksellers in Need

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The Book Industry Charitable Foundation’s “Heads or Tails” fundraising game at this year’s Winter Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, raised a total of $4,616 for the organization.

ABA Board Member Chris Morrow, Binc Executive Director Pam French, and winner Julie Kubitz
ABA Board Member Chris Morrow, Binc Executive Director Pam French, and winner Julie Kubitz

Booksellers and others attending the institute could choose to purchase one or more flashing pins for the chance to guess the results of a series of coin tosses and raise money for the organization, which helps booksellers in need of emergency financial assistance. 

Julie Kubitz of King City Books in Mount Vernon, Illinois, was the winner of the night’s $500 grand prize; Kubitz generously donated half of her winnings, $250, back to Binc.

Binc has hosted “Heads or Tails” games at bookseller conferences for the past three years, including at the 2019 Winter Institute Albquerque, which raised $7,559; the 2019 Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh, which raised more than $2,300; the 2018 Winter Institute in Memphis, which raised $7,676; and at 2018’s Children’s Institute in New Orleans, which raised $1,116. These proceeds have allowed the organization to cover multiple grant requests for booksellers. In advance of the evening’s event, Binc staff and selected volunteers sold the pins, which were in the shape of hearts and emojis with heart eyes. A $20 donation bought one flashing pin, giving the purchaser a single chance to play and win the grand prize, and $35 bought two pins, equal to two chances to win.

To play, everyone who bought a pin stands up, a coin is flipped, and each person publicly indicates their guess by placing their hands on their “head” (head) or “tail” (backside). Each flip eliminates those who guessed wrong, and the last person left standing wins the game.

To donate to Binc, visit the organization’s website. Booksellers who are currently in need of emergency assistance can contact Binc at (866) 733-9064 or [email protected]. In addition, Binc is currently accepting applications for higher education scholarships for booksellers’ dependents, as well as applications for a professional development scholarship for one bookseller to attend the Denver Publishing Institute.