Black Voices Promotional Print Catalog Available to Indie Booksellers

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Black Voices printed catalog

Matchbook Marketing, which provides marketing services for independent booksellers, has partnered with Franklin Web Printing to produce an eight-page print newsletter promoting Black authors across all genres. Matchbook donated curation and design, and Franklin Web donated staff time and the use of its presses. As a result, this eight-page issue is available for just the cost of the paper it is printed on and shipping. This translates to $29.50 for the minimum order of 250 copies.

The newsletter features jackets and publisher blurbs of 59 books, plus lists of additional titles in each section. To keep costs low, this special edition has singular branding and will not reflect each store.

Viewpoint Books in Columbus, Indiana, has generously purchased 750 copies to donate to stores that can’t afford these at present. The first three stores to let Matchbook know they could use this help will get 250 copies free of charge.

The deadline to order copies of this special edition is Sunday, August 9. Copies should arrive in stores by August 21. A full list of titles and their blurbs are available on the order site.