The Book Sense Category Bestseller List: Sports

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Based on the last four weeks of sales from over 300 independent bookstores across America.

Thanks to all the stores that report, the new expanded electronic reporting options, and the software our team here has built to sort and slice a ton of data according to BISAC categories, this is the fifth of many subject category lists to run in BTW each week. These lists are intended as inventory checking tools for booksellers, alerts to publishers as to what's selling, and lists that the media can run.

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Thank you to all who participate in this major Book Sense initiative. Some neat books here!

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Sports Bestsellers

The Top 50 for the Last Four Weeks

(All are paperback unless otherwise noted.)

1. Seabiscuit: An American Legend
Laura Hillenbrand (Ballantine, $15, 0449005615) -- The 2002 Book Sense Book of the Year for Nonfiction
2. You Cannot Be Serious
John McEnroe, with James Kaplan (Putnam, $25.95 cloth, 0399148582)
3. It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life
Lance Armstrong, with Sally Jenkins (Berkley, $13 , 0425179613)
4. When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It!: Inspiration and Wisdom from One of Baseball's Greatest Heroes
Yogi Berra, with Dave Kaplan (Hyperion, $11, 0786887443)
5. Fever Pitch
Nick Hornby (Riverhead, $12.95, 1573226882) -- Yes, that Nick!
6. How I Play Golf
Tiger Woods (Warner, $34.95 cloth, 0446529311) -- Ignore Saturday's round, ok?
7. Why We Run: A Natural History
Bernd Heinrich (Ecco Press, $12.95, 0060958707)
8. The Race: The First Nonstop, Round-The-World, No-Holds-Barred Sailing Competition
Tim Zimmermann (Houghton Mifflin, $25 cloth, 0618117482)
9. The New Yorker Book of Golf Cartoons
ed. by Robert Mankoff (Bloomberg Press, $21.95 cloth, 1576601196)
10. The Major League Baseball Card Kit
James Preller (Tangerine Press, $9.99 0439407869)
11. Three Strides Before the Wire: The Dark and Beautiful World of Horse Racing
Elizabeth Mitchell (Hyperion, $24.95 cloth, 078686723X)
12. Climbing Free: My Life in the Vertical World
Lynn Hill, with Greg Child (Norton, $24.95 cloth, 0393049817)
13. Knight: A Coach's Life
Bob Knight, with Bob Hammel (Dunne Books, $24.95 cloth, 0312282575)
14. The Oldest Rookie
Jim Morris, with Joel Engel (Warner, $14.95, 0446678376)
15. Strength Training Anatomy
Frederic Delavier (Human Kinetics, $17.95, 0736041850)
16. The Complete Walker IV
Colin Fletcher (Knopf, $22, 0375703233)
17. The Last Amateurs: Playing for Glory and Honor in Division I College Basketball
John Feinstein (Back Bay, $14.95, 0316278424)
18. The Proving Ground: The Inside Story of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race
G. Bruce Knecht (Warner, $7.50, 0446611859)
19. Metal Cowboy: Tales from the Road Less Pedaled
Joe Kurmaskie (Three Rivers Press, $13, 0609809113)
20. Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game
Joseph Parent (Doubleday, $17.95 0385504462)
21. Futebol: The Brazilian Way
Alex Bellos (Bloomsbury, $25.95 cloth, 1582342504)
22. Horse of a Different Color: A Tale of Breeding Geniuses, Dominant Females, and the Fastest Derby Winner Since Secretariat
James Squires (PublicAffairs, $26 cloth, 1586481177)
23. Galloway's Book on Running
Jeff Galloway (Shelter Pub., $14.95, 0936070277)
24. The Science of Hitting
Ted Williams (Simon & Schuster, $13, 0671621033)
25. Play by Play: Baseball: Radio and Life in the Last Chance League
Neal Conan (Crown, $23 cloth, 0609608711)
26. More Than a Game
Phil Jackson, with Charlie Rosen (Pocket, $14, 0743444116)
27. The Final Season: Fathers, Sons, and One Last Season in a Classic American Ballpark
Tom Stanton (Griffin, $12.95, 0312291566)

Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul, The Second Round: 101 More Stories of Insight, Inspiration, and Laughter on the Links
Jack Canfield et al. (Health Communications, $12.95, 1558749829)

29. Chasing Tiger
Curt Sampson (Pocket, $25 cloth, 0743442121)
30. Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream
H. G. Bissinger (Da Capo Press, $15, 0306809907)
31. The Yogi Book: "I Really Didn't Say Everything I Said"
Yogi Berra (Workman, $8.95, 0761110909)
32. Driven to Win
Dale Earnhardt (Warner, $23.95 cloth, 0446530301)
33. David Leadbetter's 100% Golf: How to Unlock Your True Golf Potential
David Leadbetter (HarperResource, $25 cloth, 0062708236)
34. Golf in the Kingdom
Michael Murphy (Penguin, $13.95, 0140195491)
35. Fishing: An Angler's Dictionary
Henry Beard and Roy McKie (Workman, $7.95, 0761126422)
36. Stud: Adventures in Breeding
Kevin Conley (Bloomsbury, $25.95 cloth, 1582341842)
37. When in Doubt, Go Higher: A Mountain Gazette Anthology
ed. by M. John Fayhee (Mountain Sports Press, $18.95, 0967674794)
38. Summer of '49
David Halberstam (Perennial, $13.95, 0060007818)
39. The Lance Armstrong Performance Program: The Training, Strengthening, and Eating Plan Behind the World's Greatest Cycling Victory
Lance Armstrong et al. (Rodale, $15.95, 1579542700)
40. Clearing the Bases: The Greatest Baseball Debates of the Last Century
Allen Barra; intro. by Bob Costas (Dunne Books, $24.95 cloth, 0312265565)
41. Eyewitness: Baseball
James Kelley (Dorling Kindersley, $15.95 cloth, 0789452413) -- For ages 9-12.
42. Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Soccer
David Winner (Overlook Press, $26.95 cloth, 1585672580)
43. Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World
Tim Ecott (Grove, $14, 0802139078)
44. Casey at the Bat
illus. by Leroy Neiman (Ecco Press, $19.95 cloth, 0060090685)
45. The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Dobbins (Fireside, $25, 0684857219) -- Can't … lift ... book ... whew!
46. The Boys of Summer
Roger Kahn (Harper, $15, 0060956348)
47. Triathlon 101: Essentials for Multisport Success
John Mora (Human Kinetics, $17.95, 0880118113)
48. The Best American Sports Writing 2001
ed. by Glenn Stout (Mariner Books, $13 0618086269)
49. Newton on the Tee: A Good Walk Through the Science of Golf
John Zumerchik (Simon & Schuster, $23, 0743212142)
50. Marathon: You Can Do It!
Jeff Galloway (Shelter Publications, $14.95, 0936070250)