Is Back & Better Than Ever

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Last weekend, brought a new production database and server online, and now, with the upgrade complete, it's time for participants and their customers to enjoy the increased speed and stability of bookstores' Web sites.

"This past weekend, ABA successfully upgraded the hardware and software," said Director Len Vlahos, who noted that ABA made a substantial investment to increase the speed and reliability of the servers. "The upgrade has positioned us well to create important new feature sets," Vlahos said, "including a completely retooled search engine -- something that we hope to begin work on soon."

Booksellers should note, however, that staff is still working to fix a few bugs in the system. "With such a huge process, it was inevitable that there would be bugs," Vlahos said. "We have identified them and are in the process of fixing them."

All booksellers are encouraged to give the new and improved site a try. Any questions regarding the upgrade should be directed to Director Len Vlahos at [email protected].