Introduces Co-Op Offer From Algonquin

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Starting September 15, Co-op Reimbursement Program participants will be able to take advantage of a special offer from Algonquin Books. Booksellers who feature a special theme on their Web site based around titles culled from Esmé Raji Codell's new book, How to Get Your Child to Love Reading, and display the new book in their stores will be eligible to receive newsletter co-op from Algonquin.

To participate, booksellers will be required to feature on their Web sites the theme "Best Books for Booklovers in Training" for any four consecutive weeks during the period September 15 - November 15. The theme centers around How to Get Your Child to Love Reading and a list of books that Codell personally selected from her new tome especially for Co-Op Program participants, noted Len Vlahos.

Concurrently with the Web display, booksellers will also be required to do an in-store display (table or end-cap) and must order a minimum of five units of How to Get Your Child to Love Reading. "We suggest -- though it is not required -- that the display include the titles recommended by Esmé in the theme content," Vlahos noted. "These titles are not eligible for co-op, but it will help brand booksellers' Web sites to their customers."

For participating, booksellers will be eligible to receive $75 in newsletter co-op from Algonquin. All other Co-op Reimbursement Program rules apply. "This is a great opportunity to promote a great title from a great publisher," Vlahos said.

For further information about how to promote How to Get Your Child to Love Reading on a store's homepage, contact Len Vlahos via e-mail at [email protected].